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Nominated for Young Person of the Year awards 2013 for outstanding charity efforts.


National Science and Engineering Competition 2012;

National Sustainable Designer of the Year.

Regional Environmental and Sustainability Prize.

Runner up to the MBDE Engineering Prize.

Regional Young Engineer for Britain.


Winner of Bedford School’s designer of the year.

Runner up for Brunel Universities “trophy design competition”- 2013.


My favourite area of design is electronics, I have worked with Arduino’s on a number of projects (I know C:coding and associated electronics wiring).

I have hundreds of hours of prototyping experience including 3D printing, CNC milling, metal fabrications, wood and plastics.

Design Process - which includes full product development from branding a company to packaging final products.

Systems Design - including project management.

HTML coding and Word Press web design.

Solidworks and Keyshot 3D modelling.

Creative Engineering Practice.

Confident Presentation Skills.

Graphic Communication.

Design for Manufacture.

Product Analysis.

Spirits Vending Machine

Designed to dispense alcoholic beverages in night clubs this project was design and built by myself and another team mate. Arduino hardware was used to program the device which include a stepper motor, an infra red sensor, two solenoid valves, an LCD screen, buttons and a coin collector. As you may be able to tell electronics is a hobby and a speciality. This project was brought from ideation to fully functioning prototype in under one week.

LED Lighting

"Walnut" is an LED ceiling lamp which fuses dark cherry wood with polished steel to create a modern embodiment for the new LED technology being used within the product. The LED technology allows for an elegent, ultra thin design which outperforms other classic bulb pendant lights.

Composting Bin

The "Homepost" composting bin aims to take the "EW!" out of composting by providing an aesthetically pleasing food collector for consumers kitchens (to replace the standard plastic bins). The product was designed for a batch manufacture of five units by a third party.

Fixperts Project

This first year group project saw me working with Stanley who was deaf, the project was incredibly rewarding as we worked closely with Stanley to overcome the problems that his hearing difficulties posed whilst learning to use his ipad.

Bullet Proof Vest

This project was based around applying existing materials and processes to new applications. The project used a new metal foam manufacturing process to create a commercially viable metal foam bullet proof vest with improved field performance. After this project was completed a company in the U.S. developed the exact same design and it has since started to creep into the market as the highest performing commercially viable bullet proof vest.

Trophy Design

These designs were produced as trophys for 3 brunel students at the top of their fields. It was a competition between over 100 level 2 student, these designs were shortlisted into the last 10.

CAD Example

A functioning 2 stroke engine model that was created to help illustrate the functioning of a petrol engine.

Sketching Examples